Stephanie Mae, “Dying For Your High”

The song is more of a metaphor for addiction of any kind— whether to a person, or a vice of any sort.

Hardly Art 10th Anniversary


Common Miner, “Parade Blue”

Seattle multi-instrumentalist with a post-album followup.

Headwaves, “Mama”


Crater, “Habits Die Slow”

A lush picture of a faltering relationship.

Stream Tangerine’s Sugar Teeth EP

A polished, upbeat release from the Seattle pop trio.

Seapony and Zebra Hunt at Vera Project

We caught the indie pop trio known as Seapony in their hometown of Seattle earlier this month.

BZ. K〒 Drops Yellow EP

A gem of a SoundCloud discovery.

Childbirth, “Nasty Grrls”

Sing the body abjected.

Archivist, “Migration”

Do not fly south for the winter, but remain in the grey state of Seattle.

Dude York, “Hesitate”

Curing lonely blues with sci-fi, Buick trunk ghost tales.

Swahili, “Bardo”

A thickly textured 11-minute jam that resonates through the body.

Stream Maniac’s Demimonde LP in full

The latest action from Seattle-by-LA frontman, Zache Davis.

Jared Mees on Tender Loving Empire’s Friends & Friends of Friends Volume 7

And premiering King Friday’s “Fol-de-rol”.

Stream Garek Jon Druss, Music For The Celestial Din

The music for A Celestial Din is truly an immersive experience.


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