secret colours

Secret Colours, Dream Dream

A definite nod to the 70s.

Secret Colours, “Places I’m Going”

…Were the travels real or imagined?

Secret Colours, “Habitual Ritual”

Straight out of 1970s London… kind of.

Week in Pop: Bür Gür, Drew Price, Lore City, Torkelsen

With Glass Gang, J LITT, pictochat, & a Monster Treasure takeover.

Week in Pop: Fury Things, Triptides, The Urge

With Nicholas Nicholas, Tin Desert, & a Satan Wriders takeover.

Week in Pop: Albert Swarm, Secret Colours, WV White

With exclusives and support from Suburban Living, Young Aundee, & more.

Week in Pop: The Everymen, Humfree Bug Art, Model Clocks, Wunder Wunder

With exclusives and support from Secretary, and more.

Week in Pop: Brain F≠, GANGI as Fake Estates, George West

with support from LoCura, Napoleon, Sylvan Esso, & more.

Secret Colours, “City Slicker”

A positive distraction from everyday color.

Secret Colours, “It Can't Be Simple”

Chicago six-piece whittles down to two and takes on new influences.

Week in Pop: Daria Johnson, Son of Stan, Teenager

With support from Atlanta's MammaBear and more.

Premiere: Secret Colours, “Freak”

60s Britpop that only wants to be your friend.

Secret Colours, “Faust”

Not every stick up story has a happy ending.

secret colours

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