Shea Stadium

Shea Stadium to close to make way for a nightclub

This news really, really hurts.

Band Practice, Catherine Cohen, Ben Hopkins, and more at Shea Stadium

Friends Live #1 is officially released & celebrated with a few friends at Shea.

Duchess Says, Future Punx, Operator Music Band, and Peeling at Shea Stadium

The French-Canadian punk band Duchess Says finally return to Brooklyn.

Death Valley Girls at Shea Stadium


Omni, Twist, Navy Gangs, Suburban Living at Shea Stadium


Big Neck Police, Signal Break, Palberta, Sexual Jeremy at Shea Stadium

Release party.

Childbirth, Aye Nako, Sharkmuffin, and more at Shea Stadium

We headed to Shea Stadium the first night of Northside to catch Childbirth’s first NYC performance.

L.A. Witch, High Waisted, and Psymon Spine

A PopGun Presents affair.

Tournament at Shea Stadium

They like to party.

Audacity, Mannequin Pussy, and Big Huge at Shea Stadium

We thought mannequins didn’t have genitalia.

Frankie Cosmos, Eskimeaux, Anna McClellan, and Jonah Furman at Shea Stadium

The second of two sold-out release shows.

Bellows, Sharpless, Molly Drag, Yours Are The Only Ears, and Emily Yacina at Shea Stadium

Five great tastes that taste great together.

Big Ups, LVL UP, Greys, and Washer at Shea Stadium

A party to celebrate the release of Before A Million Universes.

Seratones at Shea Stadium

The Fat Possum band hits Brooklyn.

Tall Juan, and Juan Wauters at Shea Stadium

Two Juans have a love fest in Brooklyn.

Shea Stadium

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