so so glos

Buzzcocks, So So Glos, Stuyedeyed at Webster Hall


So So Glos re-release “Black and Blue”; donate proceeds to National Police Accountability Project

Brooklyn rockers re-release track for charity.

The Hold Steady and So So Glos to tour the UK together

Who the f#@% are the So So Glos?

The So So Glos, California X, Palehound and Darlings at Brooklyn Night Bazaar

Why not have some rock music while you eat food and do holiday shopping?

The Best Albums of 2013: Honorable Mentions

Adding on to our list because we can do whatever we want.

The So So Glos opening for Brand New's reunion tour dates in CA and NY

The old guard ushers in the new.

Watch Conor Oberst join The So So Glos onstage to sing “Island Ridin'”

Oberst still gets them girls screaming.

The So So Glos, “Emergency”

A new episode of Shaking Through brings us some new So So Glos.

Imposition Tour 2013: Buffalo to Chicago

We wrap it around the Great Lakes with Cult of Youth, So So Glos and Big Ups.

Imposition Tour 2013: Brooklyn to Buffalo

Our annual trek to SxSW took a very indirect route. This is Part 1.

The So So Glos, “Wrecking Ball”

Don't mess with The So So Glos.

The So So Glos, “Lost Weekend”

Highlighting the greatest city in America for a track filled with joy.

So So Glos team up with OMG Everywhere! to make adorable video with kids

Fulfill your daily dose of positive feelings.

Patrick Stickles addresses the Athens confederate flag incident

"[A Titus Andronicus concert] is not a place for us to celebrate the history of hate."

Titus Andronicus show in Athens disrupted by distribution of confederate flags

Patrick Stickles is rightfully not happy.

so so glos

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