Hardly Art 10th Anniversary


Tacocat, Daddy Issues, Queen ofJeans, Pouty at Underground Arts


Tacocat, Very Fresh, Dude York at Music Hall of Williamsburg

Multi-colored extravaganza.

Talking to Seattle’s Hardly Boys about their new EP and why they love Hot Mullets

“We are all close friends, and we all write about our lives and experiences.”

Childbirth, Aye Nako, Sharkmuffin, and more at Shea Stadium

We headed to Shea Stadium the first night of Northside to catch Childbirth’s first NYC performance.

Childbirth go mod

Appreciating NYC art with the Seattle supergroup.

TacocaT in the studio (and with tacos)

Sadly, no cats.

TacocaT, Boyfriends, Daddy Issues, and IAN at Mercury Lounge

The taco palindrome comes east.

Tacocat, “I Hate The Weekend”

There’s no camaraderie like service industry camaraderie.

Upset, “Away”

Life on the road with the pop-punk charmers.

Stream Childbirth’s Women’s Rights in full

Bringing the humor to your protest rally.

Childbirth, “Let’s Be Bad”

Women’s Rights with a dose of levity.

Childbirth, “Nasty Grrls”

Sing the body abjected.

Underground America 2014

Celebrating the photographers and performers at DIY spaces, small venues, record shops, and other locations.

Best of Shot by the Band 2014

Shot by the Band goes on hiatus this week to present the best images we received from artists in 2014.


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