talking heads

Week in Pop: Night Shapes, Roz & the Rice Cakes, Self Care

bed., Blaketheman1000, Blush Face, Noah Engel, Spooky Cool, guest selections by Chad Valley.

PONCÉ Share “Existential Crisis” Playlist, Release Afterglow

Every track is absolutely glowing.

argonaut&wasp Share Video for “Disco Disco (The Drum Song)”, Talk Collaborating with the PF Brothers and Favorite Disney Princesses

“We did the entire shoot in one weekend.”

Danny Brown Unveils info on New LP

Due on Sept. 30th on Warp Records

Week in Pop: Boys Age, Cabana, Field Mouse, My Body, PowwowW

Bermuda Bonnie, David Ellis, Michelle Blades, Null, Shodé Non,  guest selections by Jerry Paper.

Week in Pop: Crows, Jay Som, Pastel Ghost, RA, Spritzer

Buffalo Rodeo, MÆNIFESTO, Penicillin Baby, Seaweed Salad, co-curated by Meredith Graves.

Dispelling the misconceptions of art rock with Guerilla Toss

Further discussions include exercising dick muscles, New England Patriots, and Matt Damon.


Defending Talking Heads, marveling at Autechre and sticking it to Prince.

Misfit Mod's curated interests

A few of her favorite things, from instruments made of ice to Talking Heads dance moves.

Songs for getting through a bad month.

John Rambo shares nuggets of 'keep on truckin' wisdom, along with a mixtape.

Dana Buoy's Top 10

Discoveries while blissing out in the back of the bus.

Matthew Dear, “Headcage”

He is in your ear enticing you to stay out late. It's a bit creepy.

Patrick & Charlie of Blouse

Songs about heaven. Songs good for the road. Songs of influential measure.

Tera Melos, “Frozen Zoo” Remix 7″

When in doubt remix yourself, or get Raleigh Moncrief.

Coltrane Motion remind us of the war

Dude, thanks for the reminder we totally spaced too.

talking heads

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