tijuana panthers

Foster the People, Tijuana Panthers at the Observatory North Park


Tijuana Panthers, Fern Mayo, and Hellbirds at Alphaville

Ain’t no betas on this show.

Outpost Fest 2015

Delta Spirit curate a day long festival featuring their favorite music and bands in downtown Santa Ana, CA.

Week in Pop: Conrad Kira, Coromandelles, Hey Anna, No Sky God

Løchstøer, Moss Lime, Rice Cultivation Society, guest selections by Princess Century.

Burgerama Four: Day 1

Burger Records takes over The Observatory for a weekend with sets by The Coathangers, La Luz and, yes, Weezer.

Week in Pop: Bummer Vacation, Carl Creighton, Dinosaur Feathers, News For Lulu

Is/Is, Lazyeyes, Medicine, Solai, The Yetis, co-curated by Pictureplane.

Week in Pop: Bür Gür, Drew Price, Lore City, Torkelsen

With Glass Gang, J LITT, pictochat, & a Monster Treasure takeover.

Week in Pop: Fury Things, Triptides, The Urge

With Nicholas Nicholas, Tin Desert, & a Satan Wriders takeover.

Tijuana Panthers, “Cherry Street”

Bringing even more donuts and coffee to the justice-serving game.

Premiere: GRMLN, “Dear Fear” (acoustic)

Songs from the heart sung through subterranean passage ways.

Debut: CHURCHES, “Lovelife”

SF supergroup chants down the cathedrals of intolerance.

How many more garage bands til you lodge a formal complaint to Vice?

tijuana panthers

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