Radamiz, “Thousand Chains Freestyle”

“Thousand chains on your neck don’t make me give you respect.”

Chance The Rapper Isn’t A Blueprint for Indie Artists.

Many good things, but no playbook for indies.

Rapid Tan Debut EP Wonderful Special Is A Bath Full of Hot Tizer

Harder, Softer: Stoicism and vulnerability in hip-hop

Hip-hop’s changing relationship with the public expression of feelings.

Week in Pop: Pisces, SGNLS, Snowblind Traveler, The Tablets

Jargon Party, Let’s Drive To Alaska, Memory In Plant, Tin Desert, & more.

Tupac biopic to be written by Tupac's hologram, and other music news

Here's what you've been missing while pounding beers at SxSW.

DaVinci, “Nothin Finna Stop Me”

Riding around the Bay with a breezy in shotgun and a middle finger out the window.

Brontez Purnell interpreting Jesse Luscious

A Younger Lover interprets the dentist gone fugitive visions of punk from Blatz/The Criminals.

The most average releases of April 2012

When the most exciting thing in your month was a hologram, you should reconsider your life.

Ten artists we'd like to see as holograms

We want in on this shameless game.

Kendrick Lamar gets higher over a J. Cole beat

Kendrick proves he thinks very deeply about black power and Kanye West's influence.


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