turnip king

Stream Turnip King’s Surprise EP, Drive 2 Meet You

Who doesn’t like surprises?

Week in Pop: Cal Fish, Halfalib, Holy Youth

Pick a Piper, Rome Fortune, VA Violet, guest selections by Mega Bog.

Turnip King, “The Ho_Se”

*Not* a shoegaze track.

Bad Canoes, Turnip King, Beth Israel, Neolibz at Goldy’s


Week in Pop: ◊ EMERALD-LANE, lojii, Olivia II, Pardoner

Dark Colour, Emily Afton, EMYLE, Fielded, Of Clocks & Clouds, guest selections by Wymond Miles.

Week in Pop: Motel Pools, Pat Moon, RAINE

Babygirl, Fovea, Jónó Mí Ló, Spritzer, Vinyl Williams, Wildfires, guest selects by Adult Jazz.

Evolfo, Oso Oso, Turnip King, PSYMON SPINE, and Sojii at Aviv

Invertebrate celebrates summer coming to an end with the first of five shows around NYC.

Walla Fest moves to Philadelphia, announces lineup

Featuring Turnip King, Rhetoric Wallace, Littler, Hello Shark, and more!

Turnip King, “Metonymy”

Technology might transcend physicality, but their live shows don’t.

Cal Fish, What’s Jood?

A new album as part of the new collective I would want to be somewhere

Beiju, “Narcissistic”

The ex-Night Manager sings about 21st century narcissism.

Slackfest is coming to Bushwick this weekend

ONWE, Turnip King, and The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman to headline.

Stream a series of new Turnip King demos

Re-enacting that thing we did last summer.

Sunflower Bean is about to blossom

This tender young Brooklyn trio's neopsychedelic shoegaze is swirling towards the sun.

Out in the Streets 2013

We spent two days at a historic house in Queens to see some great acts.

turnip king

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