Lee Watson, Lee Watson

A melodic stroll through nature.

DIIV, No Joy, and Sunflower Bean at Fortune Sound Club

The fall tour featuring DIIV, No Joy and Sunflower Bean is making its way throughout the US and Canada right now.

Pure Bathing Culture, Jody Glenham, and Wild Ones at Fortune Sound Club

Pure Bathing Culture’s Pray For Rain will be released on October 23.

Lower Dens and Young Ejecta at Electric Owl

We Escape from Evil with Lower Dens & Young Ejecta in Canada.

Weed run back to Vancouver

Belying their name, the Canadian four-piece reflect and refocus.

NEEDS, “The Only Good Condo is a Dead Condo”

Fantastic discontent from Vancouver, BC.

Energy Slime, “Only Clouds”

From Jay Arner’s short and synthy debut release with partner Jessica Delisle.

Terrace, “Kane Garden Terrace” (Concord Drumm Remix)

Please prepare yourself for liftoff.

Bankrobber, “Boym'n”

Tough love from a soft band.

Cindy Lee, Tatlashea CS

Dusting under the rug for a overlooked cassette hailing from Vancouver.

White Lung, “Down With You”

A hybrid-punk track for the adventurous.

Lié, “Seams”

Grinding all of your thoughts, good and bad, to a halt.

Antwon interprets Mish Way of White Lung

The Nature Boy interprets a dream involving Iceage's Elias Ronnenfelt.

Homesick #9: White Lung, “Saint Dad”

White Lung shred to the great wide expanse on a military base in Boise.

Renny Wilson, “Lady Pain (Jay Arner remix)”

Canada's indie pop titans talk passion, fashion and pulled pork recipes.


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