Blockhead remixes Bisco Smith

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Previously we reported that Bisco Smith's The Broadcast would be out in the fall. If you didn't notice, it never released. We've got a Blockhead remix and an official release date to make up for the delay. Plus, a new solo instrumental record from Blockhead.

Before Bisco Smith was making records he helped spearhead promotional materials for Aesop Rock. Aes Rock got his start by defining his voice over the sounds of Blockhead, who produced the majority of Float and Labor Days. To complete the circle of collaboration Blockhead remixed Bisco Smith's “Fresh Water,” putting his signature eastern sample influence to the song. The original is a brooding drum heavy warning song of inconvenient truths. Blockhead's horn samples lift “Fresh Water” from the pond scum.

Bisco Smith's The Broadcast is out January 19.

If you are not aware, Blockhead dropped a solo record last month. The Music Scene is Blockhead's fourth instrumental record on Ninja Tune. Instrumental hip hop might have fallen from its platform of high art that it reached in the early Noughties, but that's because its flagship artists abandoned the craft. Blockhead is proof that there's plenty left to be explored within the genre.

Bisco Smith, “Fresh Water (Blockhead Remix)”

Blockhead, “Which One of You Jerks Drank My Arnold Palmer”