Lee Watson, Lee Watson

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

Ontario based artist Lee Watson is releasing his self-titled album on May 12th.  The project was produced, mixed and engineered by Stew Crookes.  As a founding member of Vancouver’s The Breakmen, Watson’s newest solo project reflects the music of his childhood growing up in Ontario.  Lee Watson is a melodic stroll through nature.
The first song on the album sets the stage for the next 40+ minutes of music.  “You Sail Alone” is a ballad that is reminiscent of fellow Canadian Neil Young.  In fact, the album was vinyl mastered by Neil Young’s engineer Chris Bellman, and pressed at the same vinyl manufacturing plant as Neil at Pallas in Germany.
“Endless Ocean” has steel guitar and harmonica accents that give the tune a country feel.  Lyrically, Watson draws a such a vivid picture that you can’t help but to close your eyes and feel what he is feeling: “Sleep on an endless ocean, take my hand while I drift away.”
Each subsequent song is more tender lyrically than the one before and Watson’s voice can sometimes take a backseat to the words and music.  The entire album is exemplary from start to finish and you can really feel what Lee Watson is communicating, not merely hear it.

Track List:

  1. You Sail Alone
  2. All The Green
  3. Endless Ocean
  4. Lay Down Your Heart
  5. White Rock Angels
  6. Two Hands
  7. Mother of the Evening
  8. Falling South
  9. The Wild
  10. Embers

Lee Watson is officially out May 19th and is available for preorder now. Keep up with Lee Watson here.