Antwon, “Metro Nome” (Feat. Wiki)

Post Author: David Miller

Antwon’s second full length, Heavy Hearted in Doldrums, dropped well over a month ago, but standout track “Metro Nome” has just received its very own video. Featuring Ratking’s Wiki, the trackand no surprises here—relies on two major themes of which neither rappers’ bodies of work lack: sex and the city (no pun intended). The hazy video shows the two rappers on their respective coastsAntwon on Californian curbs and Wiki on NYC rooftopshanging back, drinking 40s, soaking in what it means to be young, andfor better or worsewhat it means to want love, or just sex, or both. It’s a sort of nostalgia for the right now or last night.

The weird thing is these guys might as well be talking about each other: they’re kind of a match made in hip-hop heaven. Both alt-leaning, hardcore inflected skate rats, and sweaty spitters who know how to rap sad and hold their influences close to their hearts; Antwon sounds as much like a New Yorker here (Biggie) as Wiki does like a California transplant, á la Bone ThugsNotorious Thugs” anyone? All stretching aside, it’s a good song.