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Lyrical Hermeneutics with Speedy Ortiz’s “Everything’s Bigger”

Unpackaging the lyrics of Sadie Dupuis.

The re-introduction of Young Jesus

Chicago band dies from our inattentive sin only to be resurrected out west.

Lyrical Hermeneutics with Pile’s “Special Snowflakes”

Offering 3,000 words on a song with barely 300.

Mumblr, “Roach”

Please don’t feed the snakes.

Ryan Hemsworth announces Sucker For Punishment tour

If only God could be as merciful as Ryan Hemsworth.

XIAN INTL, “Patriarch Angel”

Christian Church mingles with a new project outside Alligator Indian.

Patricia, “Drip Dawn”

A Top 20 hit for the dearly departed.

Speedy Ortiz Have a New Video, Cover, Single, and Tour Dates

Godspeed, Speedy.

Don Speaks, “My My My” (feat. Scoop)

Speaking the ballad of

Trance Farmers, “Lone Star”

“Loretta Lynn gone chill-wave.”

Goldrush Music Festival Announces Initial 2014 Lineup

Colorado’s preeminent indie-centric fest is back and bigger than ever.

Donovan Wolfington, “Spiders”

Saving the earth one pop punk anthem at a time.

Jeremiah Jae, “The Heat”

Phil. 101 courtesy of Jeremiah Jae.

Hot Sugar, “Your Nails Look So Pretty”

Has Hot Sugar been using associative music to brainwash us?

The Garment District, “Cavendish on Whist”

National Geographic takes us on a psychedelic pastoral journey.

Antwon, “Metro Nome” (Feat. Wiki)

A bi-coastal summer jam about sex and the city.

Zammuto, “Great Equator”

One man’s left brain and right brain getting hot and heavy before your eyes.

Dan Svizeny, “Close-Up U.S.A.”

The sound of bedroom recordings inching dangerously close to self-love.

River Tiber, “Prophets”

Hollywood, take heed.


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