Mexican Slang, “Blisters”

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Mexican Slang

This is one aptly named song. “Blisters,” the first single off the Toronto pop-punksters debut EP, leads with a refrain so (yes) blistering and visceral that you can almost see singer/guitarist/mastermind Annabelle Lee’s––who, by the way, is the spitting image of Debby Harry––calluses popping off mid-song, leaving only bloody-blue nubs for her to play the rest of the song’s massive power-chords. At least that’s what I see.

Nevertheless, the trio packs a lot in a tight two minutes, switching effortlessly between shimmering pop, discordant post-punk (an affinity they share with label mate’s Greys), and big riff metal. Just remember: their name is Mexican Slang, they’re from Canada, and they’ll be invading our borders soon.

Mexican Slang's Inside The Velvet Castle EP is out July 15 on Buzz.