Elephant Stone, “Three Poisons”

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Canadian Hindie-rockers (…get it?) Elephant Stone are back with a new album, The Three Poisons, which Hidden Pony will release August 26. The first taste comes by way of the hypnotic, sort-of-titular single “Three Poisons”. Singer/virtuosic sitarist Rishi Dhir’s pied-piping bass plays an irresistible follow the leader, with the drums trailing just behind in military march and step as the band settles into a deep, psyched-out groove that they could probably just as well keep going for another three hours if they wanted. The song is like a spirituo-sonic bath that you won’t want to leave until you either look into the face of God with absolute certainty, or your fingers prune…whichever comes first.

They’re seeking nothing less than transcendence here, and they don’t fall too far from the mark. The three-minute track from the forthcoming The Three Poisons invokes something Hindu-heavy––the Trimurti? the Guna?––but you’ll have to wait till August 26 to hear what the entire album has in store. Om shanti om.