Guerilla Toss, “367 Equalizer”

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367 Equalizer Guerilla Toss

Boston, MA weirdos Guerilla Toss just debuted their new song, “367 Equalizer” on Sterogum, and it might be the perfect track for satisfying all your chaotic post-punk needs. The new track is a lot more danceable than much of Guerilla Toss’s other work. It features a latin-esque groove and a trancey, distorted lead played on loop nearly from start to finish, accompanied by the squawks and squeals of their lead singer and chants of “367 Equalizer”. The new single is part of the bi-monthy Infinity Cat tape series, which started last month with Music Band’s rocking Can I Live cassette, meaning the Guerillas hopefully have more songs like this on the horizon. Take a listen to the new track here: