Flower Girl, “Nightmare”

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Flower Girl

Twangy garage-rocksters Flower Girl has a split LP––fittingly titled Live In the Basement––with DC’s own Doozies coming out within the next few weeks, but, before we get ahead of ourselves, they’ve released some singles.

A fun, little pop-ditty, Flower Girl’s “Nightmare” is like one of those bite-sized Three Musketeers bars—you eat nine of before feeling like a walking, talking piece of shit––except this song (thankfully) lacks that hangover. It conjures up a simpler time when rock’n’roll was still in its potty-training pants and every song was about a girl named Peggy Sue. But here, 60 odd years later, the only thing that’s changed is that Peggy Sue has become a nightmare. It happens.

Live in the Basement is out July 1 on Aloe Music. Flower girl has some tour dates too:

17 Boston, MA – BUFU RECORDS PRESENTS Weenie Hut Jr’s
18 Brooklyn, NY – Don Pedro [with Doozies]
19 Cincinnati, OH – Junkers
20 Chicago, IL – Bric a Brac Records In-Store
20 Chicago, IL – Auxiliary Arts Center [with Lemons]
21 Omaha, NE – Middlehaus [with The Lemons]
22 Denver, CO – Rhinoceropolis [with The Lemons]
23 Salt Lake City, UT – Diabolical Records [with The Lemons]
25 Oakland, CA – Donut House [with the Lemons]
26 Oakland, CA – The Nightlight [with the Lemons]
27 Los Angeles, CA – Pehrspace [with the Lemons/Doozies]
30 Phoenix, AZ – Trunk Space [with Doozies]
01 Albuquerque, NM – The Gold House [with Doozies]
02 Marfa, TX- Lost Horse [with Doozies]
03 Austin, TX – Beerland [with Doozies]
04 New Orleans, LA – WTUL BBQ [with Doozies]
05 Oxford, MS – Proud Larry’s
06 Nashville, TN – TBA
07 Charlottesville, VA – Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar
08 Washington, DC – TBA
09 Baltimore, MD – TBA
10 Philadelphia, PA – TBA