The Difference Machine, Clocks EP

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The Difference Machine

Fresh off a heady remix album and tour with Homeboy Sandman, The Difference Machine show no signs of stalling the momentum of its internal pistons. Last week the duo of DT and Dr. Conspiracy dropped the Clocks EP, a collection of new tracks that push the team's psychedelia further into the rabbit hole. RT brings his broken language braggadocio to each track, while Dr. Conspiracy manipulates transcendental samples like an ancient alchemist. The Difference Machine may have appeared on our radar within the past six months, but they record with skills that take three lifetimes to perfect. On “Science”, Difference Machine prove that Large Professor is not the only mad scientist of hip hop, while closer “So Heavy” finds a thread between Al Lover production and Pete Rock. The Clocks EP clocks in at a concise 21 minutes, existing as an extension to the debut.

The Difference Machine's Clocks EP is out now on Pscyh Army Intergalactic.