Stream clipping.'s CLPPNG in full

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Remember, the group is clipping., the album is CLPPNG, and the whole thing is now streaming on NPR. This is the Sub Pop rap group's studio debut, and it is a behemoth.

Clocking in at nearly an hour, the Adderall-bought-off-the-street raps of MC Daveed Diggs—too fast, too scary, and too weird for your average hip-hop head—are only matched by the production, and that production is a killer. If Death Grips is the Father of this newfound punked-up grit-hop and Yeezus is the Son, then clipping. may have very well just staked out a place as Holy Ghost. Ethereal and trippier than the other brothers' trinity, it’s a bit more My War than Damaged.

Head over to NPR to catch this ghost for yourself.