Artson, “Rowdy”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

If you’re looking for a song–and a music video–to rally behind, this is it. Artson has pulled out all the stops in his newest music video for “Rowdy”. A much more party friendly song than some of his past political anthems (Hello, “War Cry”), the video begins with shots of a snake, graffitied walls at what looks like an abandoned building.

Artson discusses the movement of hip hop and fulfilling one’s dreams in a beautiful way with this video. Plus, the beat is uptempo, a song that can definitely be enjoyed in a club or party setting.

“We live in a system that doesn’t work, that has never really worked,” elaborates Artson. “And the frustration builds inside of us, feeding the inner serpent until we finally react, erupt and break free from the mental cage. That’s what Rowdy is about. It’s about the people recognizing it’s all in the mind; it’s a psychological trap we’ve been living in. But when we come together, help each other, and say ‘enough is enough’ – that’s when we truly break free and can start a new way of existing as one people on this Earth.”

Artson is opening up for Killa Priest from WU-Tang this Friday the 15th in Westminster CA at Bleu Cafe.

E.A.R.T.H. is out now.