Pi Ja Ma Talks Biroche, Shares Video For “Radio Girl”

Post Author: Emily Chu

Pauline de Terragon is a girl with many names and many different talents. Under the moniker Pi Ja Ma, she’s a musical songstress. Under the moniker LeBeb, she’s an artistic visionary. Coming from a very artistic household, Pauline was influenced early on and knew that art and music were her passions. She is now a scholar at the prestigious Ecole Estienne art school in Paris, where she continues to develop her art.

Her video for “Radio Girl” is completely homemade, under Pauline’s LeBeb moniker. We had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her work.

Why the moniker Pi Ja Ma? Where did that come from?

I have three passions: drawing, singing and sleeping. I am half terrified and half in love with the night, P is the first letter of my name, you can pronounce and understand Pi Ja Ma in any language.

How would you describe your music?

Cool and dreamy pop.

How do you think your life would be different if you didn’t come from a family with artistic and musical influences?

I have discovered many songs by myself, I think my taste in music would have been rather the same. But I think that without the internet, I would have been lost !

What was your inspiration for “Radio Girl”?

I didn’t write it (Axel Concato wrote it) but it was inspired by my TV show experience 2 years ago !

During one year I went to his flat in the north of Paris to chat and make music. We shared a lot of stories and memories. “Radio Girl” is about being a « star » too soon, being afraid of it. He understood who I was very fast and wrote beautiful songs that suits me perfectly. For exemple, for one of my new songs, he just sent me a melody and I told him what it inspired me. This song is about my big fear of the night… To be continued.

What was your favorite part of producing the video for “Radio Girl”?

My favorite part was bringing my big radio head in the plane from Paris to Bangkok (that is a true story) !

If you were a food item, what would you be and why?

I’d be a Chinese brioche like in Miyazaki’s animated movies.


drawing by Pi Ja Ma
drawing by Pi Ja Ma

What’s coming up for Pi Ja Ma?

We are working a few more songs with our musicians. In October, we will play at Pitchfork Avant-Garde in Paris and we have our first London show in October. A video for ‘By The River’ and a maybe a new single should be coming by the end of the year… Surprise…