Babylawn Shares Introductory Short Film

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Toronto’s independent arts collective Babylawn has a new release, a short film created with three songs from three of the artists that make up the Babylawn family. The video itself serves as the collective’s proper introduction to the world, and explores the topics the performers address in their work. Funds for the project were raised with a very successful gofundme campaign, and the video was premiered on March 25th at Cinecycle amongst fans, friends, and donators.
Says Babylawn:

When creating this video, we wanted to make something that conveyed a sense of community. The video is split into three songs, “Her Son” by Enoch Loves You, “There for Me” by David May and “truthtrance” by Scary Movie Noah. Babylawn represents a platform bigger then all of us, and an opportunity to function as one. Ever since we began living together, the way we put together projects has become incredibly collaborative, and the video is representative of that. In our home everybody sings, plays and critiques each others work. Love amongst friends is something we’ve found in each other and it has extended to the community that we exist in. This video couldn’t have come to life if it wasn’t for the people who donated, as well as Oliver and the rest of the crew who believed in what we were making. Moving forward, all we want to do is keep pushing and creating support systems and safe places through art. We’ve entered a time where people are open about hating you just for you. We hope the video reminds you that you’re never alone as long as you have friends who love and accept you.

Photos from the March 25th premiere can be found below. The event was captured by Sierra Datri.

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