Big Breakfast, “World Industries”

Big Breakfast doesn’t front like he’s got a Brooklyn area code. He rolls with the New York to New Jersey collective Smoker’s Cough, and his style reflects the humble homestead of meager means and low budget techniques. His Luxury mixtape from 2014 is the sort of debut that even if you found it today, it’d still breathe life. With two years of recording in the pocket, Big Breakfast is readying the release of Ringtones. First single, “World Industries” finds the young rapper still in a grimy state but those two years have done little to stifle the ambition.

Pulling a jagged saber of plywood from a snow bank is not exactly a Sword In the Stone ascendancy to the crown, but Big Breakfast does it with gusto in video for “World Industries”. He’s from a side of town where they stack pallets as high as the buildings and the bridge view looks out to a rusted river. Big Breakfast is the type to wear shorts in the winter and there’s something hard as fuck about that. But, there’s little posturing in the lifestyle as a house party is full of common folk, living common lives, and that’s what keeps Big Breakfast in common with his audience.

Ringtones will feature guest appearance by Andre Martel of Nature World and Wicca Phase of Thraxxhouse. The mixtape is out May 13 on Smoker’s Cough.