Bing & Ruth, “Broad Channel”

Bing & Ruth will soon re-release its debut City Lake, providing proper pressing to a five year-old record previously available in limited quantity. As part of the expansion of the repress which includes remastering and bonus tracks, Bing & Ruth delivers the majestic video for the album overture, “Broad Channel”.

When principal leader David Moore assembled his ambient orchestra known as Bing & Ruth for the City Lake sessions it consisted of eleven members: two clarinetists (Jeremy Viner and Patrick Breiner), two cellists (Greg Heffernan and Leigh Stuart), two vocalists (Becca Stevens and Jean Rohe), a bassist (Jeff Ratner), a lap-steel player (Myk Freedman), a faithful tape-delay engineer (Mike Effenberger), a percussionist (Chris Berry), and Moore on piano. For “Broad Channel”, Moore’s piano provides an unwavering, almost metronomic, guidance of the composition. Video director Alex Priestley is tuned to that in his visuals for “Broad Channel”.

The bucolic landscapes be still the journey. Priestley’s camera is steady and unobtrusive to the world captured by his lens. As the man in the hat arrives at the beach, the waves providing yet another metronomic effect, the wonder awakens and we are asked to ponder the significance of shadow figures affixed to the sands. Again, Moore’s piano remains unwavering.

Bing & Ruth’s City Lake is out November 13 on RVNG Intl.