Blasteroid "Death of a Lobster"

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Blasteroid is a slow shoegazy neo-psychedelia group based out of Brooklyn, NY. In 2015 they released their first EP “Pretty Good”. Currently working on two mini EPs, Blasteroid recently put out an interesting music video in celebration for the new single for the upcoming releases on November 17th, 2017. “Death of a Lobster” was also recently included on Glassnote’s debut compilation of NYC bands titled Noteworthy 01.
The group explains the inspiration behind the new single,
“The song “Death of a Lobster” was written from the perspective of a lobster as it experiences its death in a seafood restaurant. The song is divided into sections that reflect “stages of grief” for the lobster, eventually culminating in the lobster’s ascent into crustacean heaven.”
“Death of a Lobster was inspired by an experience I had as a child at Disney World. My mother ordered a whole lobster, but when it was served I was certain that it was still alive (I remember it moving, but it’s more likely that I had simply never seen food with a face). I was horrified as the adults at the table began to crush the limbs of this “living” creature, and sobbed until it was sent back into the kitchen. Since then, I’ve been enthralled by the uniquely grisly ceremony of choosing lobsters out of a lobster tank at grocery stores and fancy restaurants.”
“When it came time to make the video, Sam Wolfson and I decided to mirror the general arc and content of the song, and loved the idea of telling our own version of the crossing of the river Styx. Where the traditional myth sees Charon ferry the dead across the river in his boat, we decided to have Skeleton Man drive the viewer to Hell (which turns out to be a pretty chill place) in my Toyota truck, accompanied by various members of the band and demons rendered as grotesque Nintendo 64 characters (we specifically went for the look of GoldenEye 007).”
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