Haily Taylor "Just A Girl"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Delicate guitars and heart wrenching vocals intertwine themselves in Haily Taylor’s self-defining ballad, “Just A Girl.” Her honest approach to the singer-songwriter genre puts her above the rest, with lyrics so hard-hitting you’ll just want to hit the metaphorical “retweet” perpetually. Listening to the Lakeland, Florida based 23 year old’s work, it’s clear that her experiences have shaped her musical approach, each note leaving us with a little more understanding of her story. “Just A Girl” is part of her upcoming EP, In Plain Sight. Regarding the EP, Taylor added, “In Plain Sight is about seeing someone you love slipping out of your hands and not even realizing it even though it’s right in front of your eyes.” In Plain Sight marks Taylor’s third EP since her debut in 2014.
In Plain Sight is out November 7th. You can keep up with Taylor here.