Boston Bun and Mayer Hawthorne, “Paris Groove”

Post Author: Jes Skolnik

All potential hedonism and urbane funk, the new single from French DJ Boston Bun (aka Thibaud Noyer) and vocalist/producer Mayer Hawthorne, is heavy with sonic referents to the kind of funky house pioneered by the likes of Farley “Jackmaster” Funk (as is Bun’s style), but it puts a distinctly European spin on that beloved sound. The video, which features a neon night out with a mannequin date, is arch and playful, an ode to Paris nightlife, which takes on significance in the wake of the recent violence the city has experienced. Sometimes, the most resilient thing one can do in the wake of terrible pain is to embrace joy and collaboration, however that manifests.

You can find Boston Bun’s work to date via Ed Banger Records.