Brady Watt, "Roots Around My Ribcage"

Post Author: Andre G

In 2015, when DJ Premier sought to make The Badder Band, his live tour band, New Hampshire-based bassist Brady Watt was his first choice to play bass after making a strong impression during a 2012 recording session. The hip-hop legend’s choice was justified once he learned that Brady could already play any song in his extensive catalog before they rehearsed a single track.
It’s with that expertise that Brady, who also performs in Talib Kweli’s live band, jumps into the figurative arena on his own as the first producer signed to Premier’s TTT (To The Top) Records. Becoming the flagship beatsmith on the label of an iconic producer could be a daunting position, but based on tracks like “Roots Around My Ribcage,” Brady is well-equipped.
Today Brady released a video for the luscious R&B, funk and electronic fusion, which features vocals by Clifflight. The video harkens back to the classic iPod ads, spliced together with various romantic narratives. “Roots Around My Ribcage” is the second single from Brady’s upcoming To Get Back Home album, which will no doubt feature similar funky, buttery tunes with a hard hip-hop influence.
You can purchase “Roots Around My Ribcage” below.