Chain Wallet, “Faded Fight”

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Based in Bergen, Norway, trio Chain Wallet is climbing the lo-fi ladder, leaving a trail of psych-infused tracks as they progress. Presiding in a country known for its heavy rain, the band has juxtaposed this through punchy riffs that can induce only sunny thoughts. Their latest single, “Faded Fight,” and its accompanying video proves with its scenes of “I don’t care” twenty-somethings and a rather cheery color palette that Chain Wallet is simply a source of pure, feel-good fun.

The video, directed by Kristian Engelsen, explores the nightlife of Norway through a group of tattoo-enthusiast pals. They exude the level of cool we all only hope to achieve– the friends at the bar that make you think, “I wish I was having as much fun as them.” Regarding the video, Chain Wallet member Frode Boris noted, “It is a video about liminality and the paradox of hedonism… The girl is Maria, a young photographer and energy drink enthusiast. The video was in fact conceived when the director wanted to get a free tattoo from her. There are so many people in this video, and they all belong to an emerging scene celebrating creativity.”

“Faded Fight” is a glimmery homage to the latest lo-fi wunderkinds, hinting right between Wild Shadow and DIIV. The vocals are hearty and match the video’s assuredness in the beauty of individuality. The video reads like a dream sequence, capturing those nights you can only sum up as completely unplanned, but completely perfect.

Chain Wallet’s self-titled debut is out on October 7th via Norwegian label Jansen Plateproduksjon. It is available for preorder now