Cities Aviv, “URL IRL”

Since the release of his Black Pleasure mixtape, Memphis wizard of production and rhyme Cities Aviv, aka Gavin Mays, has continued to spell out his sounds of tomorrow with signals like, "Power Exchange", and work on Antwon's "Still Guarded". The latest in this string of progressions is the excellent "URL IRL" that interjects some real life energy behind the online magazine and blog hype. Our friend Terroreyes captures the party for the upcoming Come To Life disc.

With a Crocodile Dundee knife safely resting on top of a cassette boombox, the future beat maker brings those new realizations through the old analogue portable medium. Popping in a tape and pressing play, Gavin gives us a sampling of what to expect from his Come To Life album dropping in January on Young One Records. The Memphis artist slings his rhetorical "do you realize?" lines of inquires into the spin and spit washing machine style cycle turn of his tape deck dubbed sound. The vocals loop like samples shipped forward from 80s hopscotch-neon-chalked-sidewalk songs blasted through the asphalt abstracts indicative of the current climate of production that Mays controls and commands much of.

Cities Aviv's Come To Life is available January 28, 2014 from Young One Records, and will be at Brooklyn’s 285 Kent December 13 with Factory Floor, Yvette, and DJ Kris DFA.