Premiere: Juan Wauters, “Sanity Or Not”

While the current formula for WWE wrestling entertainment seems cyclical and generally lacking, Juan Wauters' video for "Sanity Or Not" takes us back a few decades to the 80's lockerroom soliloquy scenes and Andy Kaufman's stint in kayfabe, wrestling women and embracing the qualities of a heel.

The "Sanity Or Not" video opens with threats from a Siouxsie Sioux in red tights who claims she's going to treat Wauters like a mishandled blunt, since you definitely can't roll it after ripping it up – point made, lady. Wauters, donning the same long johns and blue shorts attire of Kaufman, rises through the ranks, pinning woman after woman before he gets a shot at the title belt. It's an alley brawl, significantly shorter than the fight scene from They Live, that culminates in a crushing piledriver.

Juan Wauters' North American Poetry is out February 4 on Captured Tracks.