Microondas, “Texas Blonde”

To call the narratives in Microondas' video for "Texas Blonde", off the Athens band's Hellenit LP, dualing is to consider the events that transpire with the girl in the black and white dress to be eventful. Though she makes a last ditch effort to be the focus of "Texas Blonde" – to be the heroin in the song title – she's inconsequential against the decay and desertion of a Mediterranean suburb.

The sprawling post-rock instrumental suggests isolation, particularly considering it's unlike the other seven tracks on Hellenit. Director Dimitris Kotselis makes the town look deserted and to some extent it probably is vacant. Though the girl looks desperate and lost, she can not compete with the freshly rusted, the modern ruin, and the economic peril of Greece. Like Greece, she has her beauty, but unlike Greece, she has her youth (though possibly not her freedom for long). Her western story of tragedy is born of human malaise, while Greece's tragedy spans generations, born of crisis and negligent leaders responsible for inner rot.

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