Dallan, "Me & My Love"

Post Author: Michael Brummett


Dallan (Dayana Stoehr), as an artist, lifts the veil on her emotions. Death, loss, love and broken relationships — they all sit in her wheelhouse. When she felt she had no control over her emotion, “Me & My Love” was written. As an autobiographical storyteller, Dallan hasn’t always shared her deepest thoughts and concerns with others.
For a time, these very personal experiences were kept to herself. Back in February of 2015, she expressed and processed her own circumstances in an EP — Decade. (Listen to it here)
Today, the same unfiltered honesty is present within “Me & My Love”. Previewing a 9-track full length album expected later in 2017, Dallan details the complexity of inner conflict. As Dayana would tell you, it’s “full of nostalgic emotion and waves of melancholy [as] she captures the pace of modern life and its impact on relationships.”


“Me & My Love” is a thoughtful, emotional ride. For most listeners, it is also a highly relatable, introspective journey. Memorably, the entire production is free of any filter — no tuning, no photoshop, no candy coating. The true humanity of Dallan is perhaps her greatest asset.


Dallan leaves her marks everywhere one would expect, on both Bandcamp and Soundcloud, along with her Facebook.