Danny Brown, “ODB”

With the release date of Danny Brown's OLD in working order, set for late next month, Detroit's finest rolls out his "ODB" video, which is in the running for our second favorite appropriation of Ason Unique right behind Marnie Stern's "Old Desperate Bitch" t-shirts.

On "ODB" Danny Brown is direct in his delivery of old man perversions, while Paul White's production is trippy like getting home from a 10-day peyote fast and spending 24 more hours in a deprivation tank with a head full of acid. It's a sound that does not regress to Brown's XXX, but instead functions as a bridge towards old getting older and the deterioration of Brown's brain cells getting the better of him. He's Lebowski in the throes of a bad flashback, except it's led him back to getting domed up by crackheads for two dollars in an alley like old times. His spirit animal Ol' Dirty Bastard watches on like a Jedi ghost, giving nods of approval.

Danny Brown's OLD is out September 25 on Fool's Gold.