Dead Gaze, “I Found the Ending”

After releasing a variety of tapes, 10-inches, and 7-inches, Cole Furlow, who is the man behind the band Dead Gaze, is releasing a full-length compliation of all the greatest tracks with a self-titled release on Fat Cat / Palmist. With the album release slowly creeping up, Furlow has shared a video for the track "I Found An Ending," which is a 70s synth-and-bass heavy pop song with fun, sharp lyrics and a catchy, thin beat. The video tracks Cole Furlow through what he describes as a "day in the life" playing sports, raking leaves, and doing business meetings. It wraps up with the perfect denouement: three friends positively tearing into some delicious-looking ribs. We could practically taste them.

The Dead Gaze full-length comes out on May 21 through Fat Cat / Palmist.