Debut: Cuckoo Chaos, “Shanghaied

San Diego's Cuckoo Chaos already won us over with their Super Skeleton/Shanghaied 7" when we wrote about how it took us to an underwater wonderland back in September. We also feel it's one of the finest titled 7"s we've come across in some time, since it taught us that "shanghaied" is in fact a word.

Meaning to become a member of a sailing crew either by force or through the influence of liquor or drugs, shanghaied is a verb worth exploring its etymology. It's got less worth in these modern times and that's a crying shame, but Cuckoo Chaos managed to grapple with it. As the video warped into deeper psychedelic trances, we felt as though we should check on our yacht, for fear that we'd been slipped a mickey from Cuckoo Chaos. Turns out, we don't have a yacht.

Purchase the Super Skeleton/Shanghaied 7" digitially and on vinyl.