Debut: Naomi Punk, “The Buzz” (Live)

As part of their Far From Home series, Portland based video crew Into The Woods followed their friends from up north, Naomi Punk, to a PDX house party to guzzle 40ozs and craft beer and enjoy plenty of living room shredding to test the neighbors limits. Was there underage drinking going on in this video? You bet your ass there was. Did Into The Woods get the venue's permission to shoot? Psh, this ain't no venue and it sure as hell was beyond fire code capacity. It even looks as though Naomi Punk didn't set up monitors to hear how they sound, just plugged in and made noise to a room that has bodies to the ceiling. Halfway through, those all-too-familiar red and blue lights can be seen from the living room window directly behind the band. It might have accented the ambiance briefly, but "The Buzz" was Naomi Punk's last song that night. The perils of DIY are all the same, even in our nation's slacker capital of Portland.

Naomi Punk might have been far from home, some 114 miles, but playing a party that bleeds well out into the streets and is littered with empty bottles before you've played your first song is a damn fine way to make a touring band feel welcome. They had the numbers that night and Tyler of Naomi Punk, put the punk in his band's name by glancing out the window to the police cruisers, not batting an eye, and turning around to keep jamming out "The Buzz".

Naomi Punk's The Feeling LP is out now on Captured Tracks.