Debut: Phone Tag, “Ghosts Behind”

Our first thoughts upon watching Phone Tag's "Ghosts Behind" video were, "Hey, that's the old Market Hotel venue" and "Wait a minute, that's the same stop we take to get to our office two blocks away". After we got over the excitement of looking for all the markers of our neighborhood, our interest shifted to the true matter at hand, Phone Tag's moving-on anthem.

It's appropriate that Phone Tag shot its "Ghosts Behind" video in Market Hotel, a venue that lies dormant for the time being until those rumors of a re-opening become reality. The ghosts of raging parties past at an iconic DIY spot, the American Dream deferred in the stoicism of Lady Liberty, or the general catharsis of getting over one's past could all be lifted from Phone Tag's video. You could choose to overthink it (as we've clearly done) or drift away on the airy vocals and dreamy synths of "Ghosts Behind".

Brooklyn, catch Phone Tag tonight with Friends and Lorna Dune at 285 Kent.

Phone Tag's Phone Tag LP is out now on Dutty Artz.