Debut: The Demon Beat, “Teenage Wasteland”

It’s time someone claimed the name for real, and West Virginia’s The Demon Beat know how to do it, calling tainted, fuzzy memories of rocking out before you could go out in their new single, “Teenage Wasteland.”

It’s all there: the classic rock shirts and stiff upper lips, the gum-chewing, shaggy-haired boys with downcast eyes, and the pizza…oh, the pizza. Caught in a teenage dream somewhere between the reality of basement rock in simpler times and the powerful mirage of dirt’s better qualities, The Demon Beat surf their pepperonis in a psychedelically scrumptious, super-fun music video so simple and bright, it’s hard to describe. These boys have already won (or lost) the poker game – they’re stripped of anything but a good time.

The Demon Beat’s Less is Less LP is due out at the end of September on Funny/Not Funny Records, but you can get “Teenage Wasteland” now on a split 7” with Elephant Child, also from F/NF.