Dudley Perkins, “Lung Specialist”

One of the most underrated weed heads in rap has to be Oxnard's Dudley Perkins. Since '99's Illmindmuzik EP as Declaime, Perkins has been delivering laid back California rap, heavily blunted, and in-tune with third eye visions. Alongside MP the MC and Georgia Anne Muldrow, Dudley assumes the persona of Smokey Joe on "Lung Specialist", who may or may not also be the record's eponymous Dr. Stokely.

The animations of RuffMercy and Patch Keyes bring "Lung Specialist" to life as the lyrics are accompanied by images of purple haze filling lungs to capacity, joints burning down to singe lips, and chakras opening. It's hallucinatory experience much like the "Pink Elephants On Parade" scene from Dumbo, as Dudley Perkins head warps into a bowl and is properly lit. Much like Dumbo, Dudley has realized his potential to fly high with a little medicinal assistance.

Dudley Perkins' Dr. Stokley is out now Mello Music Group.