Eagulls, “Tough Luck”

Made Impose-famous a few months ago at CMJ by misplacing the disposable cameras we gave them to document their time in NYC, Leeds post punk- and shoegaze-influenced Leeds band Eagulls comes to us now in less haphazard fashion with a new video for "Tough Luck," a track off their forthcoming self-titled album, out March 14, 2014. Despite their publicly aggressive and tactless antics, carrying the banner of punk ethos, their music has the vague feel of pre-distressed jeans. Maybe it's no one's right to point the finger at what might be borderline punk cabaret, let alone ours, but there's grounds for suspicion in today's climate of impersonators all trying to be the next Joy Division. The video, made up of roughly cut black-and-white concert footage spliced and spattered with messy visual effects, no doubt showcases a hard-won stadium sound and true musicianship, but peeling back aesthetic tricks to see what lies beneath is as warranted as ever.