Eartheater, “Homonyms”

Post Author: Impose Automaton
Eartheater Homonyms

Alexandra Drewchin, pka Eartheater, is no stranger to greenery, and her new video for “Homonyms” sees her fully-immersed in the chlorophyll of nature. The psychedelic Goddess is strong in “Homonyms”, as Drewchin and her cast of dancing man cherubs are reborn (eyebrow-less) into the lush, dreamlike beauty of Mother Earth. Talking to NPR, she encapsulated the theme behind the Sigrid Lauren-directed video, by saying, “creatures born into whatever harshness will always find joy if this is all they know.” The joy is interpreted through dance (also choreographed by Lauren), as they metamorphosize from the water to a euphoric state of being.

Homonyms if from Eartheater’s Metalepsis album out now on Hausu Mountain. You can watch Drewchin test out flower smoking devices for us here.