ECID, “2Pac Cobain” (feat. Sean Anonymous & Rapper Hooks)

Earlier this month Minneapolis' ECID dropped Post Euphoria Vol. 2 the latest EP in preparation for his Pheromone Heavy full length. Today, we're bringing it back to Vol.1 with the premiere of the video for "2Pac Cobain". Set in wreckage of a party squat, ECID is joined by Rapper Hooks and Sean Anonymous for the sort of "create your own fun" antics that only happen as a counter to the Midwest doldrums.

The trio invite us into their scum-lavish lifestyle of popping cans of PBR (like it's nothing), garden hose baths by pin-up girls, and after the after-party, next day of regrouping with leftover Hendrick's gin. The whole scenario plays out like placing the high society orgy of Eyes Wide Shut in the rough-neck setting of Midwest dropouts and punks. It's the second wind of fighting off the post- in order to rekindle last night's euphoria anew.

ECID's Post Euphoria Vo.1 & 2 are out now on Fill In The Breaks. Stream both EPs at ECID's Bandcamp.