Eskimeaux, “Broken Necks”

Alex Wexelman

Eskimeaux, the recording alias of Gabrielle Smith, cited Taylor Swift’s 1989 as a major influence on her sensational Double Double Whammy release O.K. Swift creates memorable visuals in her made-for-MTV music videos and perhaps Smith has taken note. In Eskimeaux’s new video for “Broken Necks”, director Robert Kolodny creates a collage of whimsical vignettes that range from Smith skipping along Bushwick streets to dancing kitchenware and cereal boxes that harken back to Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit” video.

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Indie rock feels like it’s drowning is a sea of perfect pop videos, but “Broken Necks” floats above the waves. The evocative images of the video are cute but not cloying as they distract the listener from realizing the track is essentially a breakup song. As the music winds down, the frenetic drums disappear, and Smith stares at the camera head on from a sunset lit beach. Addressing the audience as if it is her soon to be ex, Smith sings, “Open up your hands and accept that this has ended/ Nothing in the world is holier than friendship.”

And then, it’s over.

You can read Quinn Moreland’s Eskimeaux cover story, Is It O.K.? here.

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