Debut: E S S, “Lucid”

There's a darkness in Sacramento giving balance to its garage and surf-rock bands that lend an impression it's all bliss, tree shade, and sunshine in the California capital. Fit for a bill with former resident Cheslea Wolfe (more on that later), E S S are prodding and doom-ridden on "Lucid", a track off the band's s/t debut. E S S is the latest moniker of former Dead Western and Ellie Fortune song-writer Jesse Phillips. As E S S, he creates drones, wails, and lets forth a terror of sound that will put goose bumps down your arms.

On "Lucid", Phillips' growl is the chemical reaction against the sparse roars of his guitar, creating an unnerving crawl that will keep you lingering on his lucid refrain, uncertain as to whether the track will ever burst open, or remain in a space that offers agonizing quiet met with screeching riffs.

Hear the s/t debut here.

If you are in Sacramento tonight, catch E S S opening for Chelsea Wolfe, along with Screature: