Eyes Behind the Veil – Everlasting Threshold

Post Author: Joseph Anthony Evans

In late 2014, soloist Michael Tenzer started working on a project out of Chicago, which was entirely an ambient based sound at first. Later, in the spring of 2015, was a big year for Tenzer as he released his first debut album and successfully created his own record label named Wild Patterns. By winter of 2016,  Michael had finished recording his second album “Empathy” and was ready for release soon after. Skip to the present, the man that has created Eyes Behind the Veil is spending most of his time working on new material for his new EP called “Grow”.

The new track “Everlasting Threshold” is an unexcelled example of your brain altering the emotions you have, into the sound that is being heard. As we listen, you may start to drift into visual imagery that possibly aids in letting go. A tune that is truly comfortable to hear, for some it will surely make you sink into the couch and help you unwind.