Father Christmas, "Twisted Ones"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Toronto’s psych trio Father Christmas has announced that they’re expecting to release a new full-length LP in July, and they’re coming at us hot. The first single, “Twisted Ones”, from that album already has a music video, and we’ve got the premiere.
A song about self discovery, “Twisted Ones” allows for an intricate plot directed by Alexander Zen. Our protagonist’s story begins in what looks to be a bar or speakeasy, bright flashing lights above and alcoholic beverages to imbibe. But it’s not long before you realize that the eery green glow in the beginning just might serve to establish the mood of the rest of the video.
“A mysterious death sends a man through stages of redemption as he ascends through a religious awakening,” explains Zen. “Two Angels, a Priest, and Death’s personal musical outfit guide him through a baptism, stages of grief and enlightenment, allowing him to pass through to the other side. A story of death and awakening.”
What do you think?