The Range Releases VR Video for "Florida"

Post Author: Andre G

Brooklyn-based Electronic musician and DJ James Hinton, AKA The Range, took an all-hands-on-deck approach to his last album, 2016’s Potential. Last fall he released SUPERIMPOSE, a documentary that highlighted the stories of the people that showed up on the album—tales unknown to even Hinton at the time they were selected. The documentary won best short documentary at Italy’s Seeyousound Festival.
The advances don’t stop there, as today The Range released an interactive VR video for album standout “Florida.” The Andrea Allen-directed video makes the most of New York’s expansive scenery, showcasing kids hopping, skipping and jumping around on a rooftop as the mesmerizing track makes up the backdrop. As momentous and invigorating as the soundscape is, it’s pretty cool to see it paired with the simple joys of childhood.
The Range also released “New Lots,” a “megamix” of new and unreleased material, including live edit versions of Potential songs. You can stream the mix below.