Quincy Vidal, "Feelin' Like"

Post Author: Andre G

Just in case you haven’t yet checked out Quincy Vidal’s stellar Chi’Ren EP which dropped last summer, you can get familiar—starting with “Feelin’ Like,” a feel-good single from the project. The song is a quintessential reminder of what Quincy Vidal does best: personable, charming storytelling over jazz-influenced hip-hop production. “Feelin’ Like” was produced by Space People, who paired bouncy, buoyant piano play with crisp, gnashing snares.
MCs Le’Asha Julius and CE take turns cutting to the chase with the objects of their affection, rhyming with a refreshing amount of playful assertiveness that sidesteps crassness. The duo co-directed the video, which took place at CE’s actual job—during his actual shift. “The entire concept is something everyone can relate to…I think CE and I make suberb directors,” Le’Asha said over e-mail.
CE says that the idea of “Feelin’ Like” was to present a “smooth” video that “gives viewers a real glimpse into what our life in Brooklyn is like.” Mission accomplished.